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Transcube Overseas has been driven by Mr. Devang Gohil who is a pioneer in the field of visa and immigration. We have demerged from Mackwins Education Pvt Ltd. which was founded by Mr. Devang Gohil before 10 years. We are expert for European countries mainly Germany, also Canada and UK. More than thousands of students and families have migrated from India to respective countries and got successful in achieving their goals with our help and strong support. Our main mission is always dedicated to our commitments and that’s why our students’ trust us and we try to provide our best possible services to make their dreams comes true.

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Accuracy In Guidance

Skilled professionals are always ready to provide reliable services to our clients!

Our Overseas Presence

We are situated in major metro cities and in Canada also, always welcome to you!

Range of degrees available like Bachelor, Master, Advance Diploma, Post Graduation Diploma

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UK is known for its tradition of excellent education giving the UK a consistently high ranking in popularity

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Any student will get minimum pay with respect to their degrees. For Bachelor – 24000 Euro and for Master – 40000 Euro

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Italy is a beautiful country, with excellent food, rich cultural heritage and great artistry.

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Are you ready to begin your Canadian student journey? Every year more than 5000 students start studying in Canada and many of them create a unique ability to become Canadian PR holders right after completion of the student program. what is your motivation today to become a student in Canada? We are happy to help you whatever you may want to achieve after your studies in Canada.

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Why people belive on us ?
  • Working since 2010
  • Our commitment and responsibilities would be laid on sheet
  • More than 2000 satisfied students pursuing their careers
  • 95% enrollment based on reference because people really believe on us
  • Only hired highly qualified people in staff
  • Expert get regular training from Germany so we called proper trained staffs
  • Money is not the first preference. The profile of the student is thoroughly examined as per the University requirements and only then shall the student be eligible to enroll at our Institution.
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First of all I have contacted one other consultant with my pre selected university and they took my file even after they knew that I will not get admission in my selected universities, they used me and took money but there was no work done from them and then after I contacted Mr. Chirag Gohil and he straight forward told me that the university which you selected will not offer admission due to your low profile score and then I realized how other fooled me. After that, their expert sent me university list which suite to my profile and I successfully got admission and also visa. I am living my student life in Berlin very happily

- Ravi RamaniAnalytical Instrument and Sensor Technology, Germany

I have completed my MBBS and it was my dream to do Medical PG in Germany. I have visited many agents but they didn’t have proper knowledge about process and some of them try to convince me with the different programs. Someone suggested me to contact Transcube and I visited them with my parents and in the first meeting they solved all my doubts very clearly but I was not sure what was told to me so I wanted to check it was true or not and then I searched on Google everything and I found exactly what they told me then again I visited and enrolled. The process took time but everything was clearly done step by step and I also got “Defizitbescheid” certificate which was very tough to get even others don’t know about this and I put my visa file with attached this certificate and I got my visa within 2 weeks and finally I am where I always wanted to go. Thank you so much to the whole team of Transcube

- Dr. Nishit PatelApprobation (License Exam for Doctor), Germany

Before I started my process, I have decided to do my bachelor in Seneca College which is top college in Canada so I have visited their Rajkot branch and the counselor told me that we will update you about chances of getting admission into Seneca, once we check your profile. This is what I like their quality of services that no false commitment without seeing documents. And finally I got a call after 1 week and they confirmed me to get admission and I got admission into Seneca College.

- Devraj Nandaniya Diploma in Business Management, Canada

I like they have multiple and flexible consultancy fees and even you can modify as per your requirement so that you will exactly get what you want. I had a doubt about airport pickup but their representative reached before our flight and he dropped me to my door step. So actually I think we need real help from consultant after reaching our destination not up to visa and thanks to Transcube that they have such kind of contacts and range of services

- Bhishma ThakkarInternational Technology Transfer Management, Germany

In my first visit I have met Ms. Payal madam and I was almost convinced because she has very deep knowledge about the whole process and documentation. I got everything on time as she committed to me. Really we need consultant like Transcube in our society where many other snatch money and go.

- Ruchi KandaMSc in ITTM, Germany

I was already in Germany and doing German language and I had a fear to continue my education into German program so someone in Germany suggested me to contact Transcube and I did zoom meeting with counselor and I approached them to get admission into English program without IELTS so they gave me proper documentation with MOI letter (Medium of Instruction English) and I gave them all documents and right now I am studying my Bachelor in Football Management in UE University.

- Jigar AmbaliyalaBA in Football Management, Germany

I have completed my 12th and did first process from one agent for UK and my visa was rejected due to documentation and then I contacted Transcube and they did my process very well and they already told me that you may face interview due to rejection first time and exactly there was an interview and I completed it very clearly as per guidance given by their team and I got my visa and I am flying to UK next week. It was so excellent performance and services they are giving to their clients and I am strongly recommend to visit Transcube for Germany, UK and Canada because they are expert in those countries.

- Gursafal MarwahMSc in Automotive Engineering, United Kingdom