About Us

Study Abroad Can Become A Reality

Transcube Overseas has been driven by Mr. Devang Gohil who is a pioneer in the field of visa and immigration. We have demerged from Mackwins Education Pvt Ltd. which was founded by Mr. Devang Gohil before 10 years. We are expert for European countries mainly Germany, also Canada and UK. More than thousands of students and families have migrated from India to respective countries and got successful in achieving their goals with our help and strong support. Our main mission is always dedicated to our commitments and that’s why our students’ trust us and we try to provide our best possible services to make their dreams comes true.

Accuracy In Guidance

Skilled professionals are always ready to provide reliable services to our clients!

Our Overseas Presence

We are situated in major metro cities and in Canada also, always welcome to you!

We have strong connections with the universities and institutes which make the whole process very quick and tranquil. Transcube Overseas is one stop destination that means our value added services are beyond visa which include Airport Pickup, help to find accommodation before landing, proper guidance to how to find jobs while studying, strong connections those not only with the universities but also with the companies which provides best platform to our students who can find internships, job placements, thesis, and projects also.

Our team is specially designed and trained by experts mainly from Mr. Chirag Gohil and Ms. Payal Jani who provides best possible solutions to each and every doubts or queries of students. Our teams are rated 4+ starts for their services. We are one of those organizations who provide everything on paper in terms of agreements so that we can give a strong message that we are fully confident in our commitment and services which you will get from us

Wishing you all the best and plenty of success in your future endeavors to a new country. Good luck for a bright and prosperous future.
Founders journey

Dear all prospective students and their lovely parents,

Education is most powerful weapon. I felt many times that student come to us for an inquiry for student visa at the age of 20 to 22 but I have seen that more than 90% of them go to foreign on the student visa but in their mind they thought for earning so I would like to correct those students/parents that your age is not for earning but to make your future and this is only possible by taking education for what you are going so if you educate well then you will automatically get money so never spoil your education life replacing by earning life.